New on the IT Donut: cheaper printing, cloud computing and contracts


Date: 2 November 2010

Since the IT Donut launched back in August, we've been working hard with our experts to build up lots more interesting, useful content for the site. Over the last few weeks we've published a bunch of new stuff, so here are some of the highlights:

  • Cut your printing costs. John Sollars, MD of and all-round printer expert, explains some simple steps that can slash how much you spend on printing things out. Read it >
  • Practical uses for cloud computing. If you haven't already heard of cloud computing, you probably soon will. It's a tricky one to get your head round, so here are some practical ways you can use it - and benefit from it - today. Read it >
  • What should an IT support agreement cover? Every IT support company has its own contract. So be sure yours is fair, read our guide - and download this sample agreement (PDF file). Read it >
  • Alternatives to a fax machine. Fax machines are a 30 year old technology that probably should have disappeared years ago. But they haven't. So here's some useful advice about how to replace that expensive, unreliable, noisy machine with something a little more high-tech.

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