Top mobile accessories for business


Date: 9 November 2010

From iPhones and BlackBerries to netbooks and satellite navigation systems, businesses use more mobile gadgets than ever before. And that means third-party manufacturers have been hard at work coming up with accessories to protect, improve and personalise these gadgets. We asked mobile accessories retailer and laptop, netbook and iPad accessories retailer to give us a roundup of their most popular accessories for different types of business user.

For iPad users: the Keycase iPad Folio Deluxe (pictured) is a dust and spill-proof iPad case which holds your Apple pride and joy at an angle and includes a keyboard so you can type and see the screen. As well as looking a bit like one of the first tablet PCs we ever saw, it has a built-in battery that'll let you keep working for longer. The overall effect is to kind of convert your iPad into a mini-laptop, although the keyboard might be better for occasional work on the move rather than permanent use.

For your desk: The Desk Genie charging stand caught our eye because it includes a phone holder, universal charger, memory card reader and USB hub. This means you can charge and keep your phone within reach on your desk, as well as having easy access to a memory card slot and USB connections to plug things like memory sticks into your computer. If it means an end to crawling round on all fours to find a free connection, we're all for it.

For drivers: the Dash Genie in-car holder sticks to your dashboard or windscreen - and you can move it around or between cars if you want. You can slot virtually any phone or other small gadget into the Dash Genie, and it'll hold it in place with clever high-tech rubber. Unless you have an HTC Hero - the Dash Genie can't grip its fancy teflon coating.

For BlackBerry owners: there are loads of BlackBerry cases and covers to choose from our there, but we like this BlackBerry Torch cover. It protects your shiny new BlackBerry, covering both sliding parts of the phone without adding much to the size.

For people with lots of gadgets: if you have more than one mobile phone or a few different portable gadgets, you've probably been stuck with a flat battery and the wrong charger once or twice. Maybe you need something like the TrailBlazer universal car charger and holder - it'll keep your phone, camera, GPS unit, camera or MP3 player safe in your car, and comes with a bunch of adaptors so you can charge up almost anything. Just doublecheck your car is suitable first though - it protrudes from the cigarette lighter, so that needs to be unobstructed. What are your indispensible mobile accessories? Leave a comment and let us know.

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