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Date: 19 November 2010

When it comes to awards, there's a little bit of competition in the Donut teams. Our sister site, the Marketing Donut, set the standard by bagging a couple of Golden Twits last year, so our recent nomination in the Computer Weekly IT Blog Awards 2010 was a good chance for us to emulate their success. Well, the Computer Weekly awards ceremony took place tonight in central London, and we were really pleased and surprised to take home the award in our category, Company / Corporate SME. As a relatively new blog, we're particularly happy to have won as the award is voted by you, our readers: so thank you! And, of course, we'd be nowhere without all the industry experts and guest bloggers who've contributed insightful and interesting posts. As you'd expect, we'll now be referring to ourselves as 'the award winning IT Donut blog', wherever we can. And although our budget probably won't stretch to any Champagne-fuelled celebrations, we might manage a drink or two tomorrow evening. If you voted for us, thanks. We do really appreciate it. And even if you didn't, thanks for stopping by and reading what we have to say. We hope this is the first of many accolades for the site.

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