Simple IT security for smaller businesses


Date: 4 July 2012

Keeping your IT system secure and protecting your data can be a complex task. A secure IT system has many elements, from a firewall and anti-virus software to strong passwords and physical security.

The human factor

Then there's the human factor. It's no good having the strongest passwords imaginable if your staff write them down or share them with each other.

For all but the smallest businesses, it's usually a good idea to seek expert IT security advice. Remote data access, cloud services and mobile devices are creating more fragmented IT systems - and with less centralisation, it's hard to keep everything under lock and key.

Practical IT security guide

Free IT security guide

To help businesses get to grips with the different elements of their IT security, the Information Commissioner's Office has released a new guide. It's a little light on specifics, but it does contain a very useful checklist to help you cover all major areas of your IT system.

It's excellent reading if you want a good overview of the IT security challenges you face, or want to brief yourself before you speak to your IT supplier or security consultant.

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