Business tech bargain: half price fibre broadband


Date: 13 March 2013

Fibre optic broadband cables{{}}

Fibre: the secret to faster broadband. (Image: Flickr user James Laurence Stewart)

Here's a tech bargain ideal for home-based businesses looking for an internet connection with a bit more oomph.

Yorkshire broadband firm Plusnet is currently offering its unlimited fibre broadband service at £9.99 for the first six months. That's half the normal price of £19.99.

You'll have to pay line rental (£13.99 a month or £126 a year) on top of that, but the offer makes this broadband tech bargain significantly cheaper than most competitors.

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Cheaper fibre broadband

Over a year, the Plusnet package will cost you £347.76 - or a little less if you pay the annual line rental up front.

For comparison, BT's Unlimited Infinity 2 package - which has the same 76Mbps speed and unlimited downloads - adds up to £423 over the same period.

About this tech bargain

If - like most of us - your internet connection is still based on ADSL (which uses a traditional copper wire to connect you to the local telephone exchange), this Plusnet package will give you a big speed boost. That's because it uses a modern fibre optic cable to bridge the distance from your street to the exchange.

This allows Plusnet to offer speeds of up to 76Mbps - around ten times faster than the speed of an average UK broadband connection. You'll notice web pages load more snappily, and the extra speed will make a vast difference when you download large files or several people are using the connection at once.

What's more, Plusnet's broadband service generally gets good ratings from users.

The main potential drawback is that you must be based in Plusnet's service area. To see if this includes you, just click Start your order on the Plusnet site, then pop in your postcode when requested.

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