Business tech bargain: a great Lenovo laptop for under £450


Date: 25 April 2013

Lenovo Ideapad{{}}This business tech bargain is a great-value laptop from Lenovo, a respected manufacturer that makes machines highly-rated for reliability. In fact, you'll find Lenovo computers in use at many of the world's biggest companies.

To be specific, it's the Lenovo Ideapad Z580. This 15" mid-range workhorse laptop has a capable Intel i5 processor, a big 1TB hard drive (that's enough storage for almost anything) and 8GB of RAM.

In short, it's more than enough to handle the business applications you might throw at it, unless you need to do graphic design or work with video, in which case you'll need a laptop with a more powerful graphics chip.

Being a Lenovo laptop, you can also be confident it'll be built to stand up to the odd knock and should last you a good few yars.

Oh, and the price? It's currently available from online merchant Dabs at £462. However, if you use voucher code Z580 then you'll get it for a bargain £442 all in.

See details and buy from Dabs >>

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