Five things 4G will do for your business


Date: 15 April 2013

Five things 4G will do for your business/jetfighter with motion blur{{}}4G, the new mobile technology that allows for superfast mobile internet connections, is just beginning to have an impact on the UK telecoms market.

However, although 4G has been talked about for several years now, many people are still in the dark about what it’ll do for their businesses. That’s why we’ve compiled these five key benefits:

It lets you do more on the move.

The key thing about 4G is that it really boosts the connection speed for mobile devices. That means you can do more on the move.

In fact, some 4G connections should offer speeds comparable to or faster than fixed-line broadband, which means tasks like working on shared documents, videoconferencing and more all become practical.

It’ll make remote working easier.

How to get 4G

Everything Everywhere is the only company currently offering 4G mobile. It covers major UK cities.

EE is the same company as T-Mobile andOrange, so if you have a mobile contract with them you may be able to move to 4G even if you're within your minimum contract period.

O2 and Vodafone promise preferential 4G upgrades to some customers once their 4G networks become available later this year.

Experts predict that 4G will eventually cover up to 99% of the UK population, which means even people living in rural areas will have a connection that’s fast enough to make remote working practical.

It could cut your costs.

4G costs will drop as more mobile networks launch their 4G services. But 4G could trigger big savings in unexpected areas. As more employees are able to work remotely, you may find you can move to a smaller office or reduce your power bills.

It may boost your productivity.

4G will make it more practical to hold online meetings and use collaboration tools smoothly, which could result in less time spent travelling to meetings (and more time spent working).

It’ll increase your mobile sales.

Your customers will be using 4G too, which means they’ll find it easier and quicker to browse your website. That’ll encourage them to buy products on the move (if your website works well on mobile devices), increasing your sales.

Ultimately, 4G is an engine for economic growth. It’ll bring wide benefits helping companies to grow and encouraging investment in businesses from both the UK and abroad.

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