Business tech bargain: get a big 27" monitor for under £170


Date: 31 May 2013

AOC tech bargain 27" screen{{}}When it comes to screen size, bigger is better. So why settle for anything less than this monster 27" screen from AOC?

Currently available at a surprisingly-affordable £169.98 from Dabs, it'll give you plenty of space to spread out several windows and work comfortably.

About this tech bargain

It wasn't long ago that buying a screen this size would have cost an absolute fortune. But the fact that you can now regularly find 27" screens at under £200 speaks volumes about how much the market has changed.

Quite simply, larger screens are more comfortable to work on for longer periods. You have to shuffle your windows around less, meaning you can work more efficiently.

This AOC E2752V is a great screen for the money, offering DVI and VGA connections which will work with virtually all desktop and laptop computers. (You'll need an adaptor to connect a Mac, but then that goes for most screens in this price bracket.)

See full details and buy now from Dabs >>

You might not think a bigger screen will make much difference to your average working day. But once you've tried one, you won't want to go back.

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