Here's one way to stay cool(ish) in the heat


Date: 22 July 2013

Ok, it's not the most high-tech cooling system ever devised. It probably doesn't match up to buying an air-conditioning unit or investing in a communal paddling pool for staff.

However, following exhaustive (and exhausting) testing at the IT Donut office today, we can report that this USB fan does a reasonable job of circulating air while you're at your desk, creating a microclimate that feels at least a little more comfortable.

USB fan{{}}

What's more, it's available for a stunningly-cheap £3.42 from Amazon. And unlike your local DIY store - which is likely to have run out of fans some time last week - plenty of these USB fans are available for fast delivery. They're perfect for the hottest day of the year so far.

See details and buy now from Amazon >>

There are plenty of other options for cooling down, of course. Try putting ice in your drink, using mobile broadband to work from a cooler location (perhaps a local park?) or simply popping out to the local swimming pool at lunchtime.

How are you keeping cool in the heatwave?

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