Four ways to fight back against cybercrime


Date: 23 April 2014

Four ways to fight back against cybercrime/CCTV cameras{{}}According to the government, cybercrime costs the UK economy around £27 billion each year.

If your business suffers even a tiny fraction of that loss, it would be devastating. So, how so you make your company less of a target?

By fighting back against cybercrime. That’s how.

1. Use security software and keep it updated

Use decent security software on all your company computers and servers. If you’re in any doubt about what you need, ask your IT supplier.

Importantly, make sure your security software updates itself. This is the only way to stay safe from emerging threats.

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Do an IT security audit

A professional IT security audit is worth every penny. When an expert examines your IT setup, they’ll identify where you’re most vulnerable to attack.

Armed with this crucial information, you can create extra security measures and write a solid security policy.

Check hardware and physical security

IT security is not just about software. Any equipment that connects to the outside world (like your router) should be modern and made by a reputable manufacturer.

At the same time, check your premises for weak points. For example, if you keep your backup tapes in a safe, change the combination regularly. Consider installing CCTV too. 

Beware of social engineering

Social engineering sounds creepy, but it refers to the way cybercriminals may try and con your people, rather than attacking your computers.

Make sure your employees look out for cold callers and unusual visitors. People who are good at social engineering tend to have the gift of the bag. It’s surprisingly easy to reveal a username or password to them.

Staff should also know how to handle ‘digital cold calls’, like phishing attempts.

Whatever you do, don’t neglect your people. One of the most effective precautions you can take is to make sure your staff know how to handle data safely and spot criminal behaviour.

Ryan Farmer is a marketing manager at Acumin. Follow them on Twitter: @acumin.

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