IT for Donuts: how to take a screenshot on your iPhone or iPad


Date: 17 April 2014

iPhone screenshot buttons{{}}IT for Donuts is our regular Friday feature where we explain a tech term or answer a question about business IT.

This week, find out how to snap a screenshot on your iPhone or iPad.

iPad and iPhone hidden features

The iPhone and iPad are two big tech success stories from the last few years. But it can be surprising how many hidden features lie beneath that straightforward Apple interface.

One of those is the screenshot facility. People often trigger it without meaning to, and without realising what they've done.

How to take a screenshot

So, how do you take a screenshot when you need to?

It's really simple: just hold down the home button (that's the round button below the screen of your iPad or iPhone). Then while you're holding it, tap the power button (that's the button on the top edge of your iPhone —it's also called the lock button). You can then release both buttons.

The screen should flash briefly to confirm a screenshot has been taken.

To find your screenshot, open the Camera app and tap the button to view your photos. You'll find your screenshot there.

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