Five ways to fix a smashed smart phone screen


Date: 30 March 2015

With their slippery casings and svelte dimensions, smart phones are easy to drop. Given that we often use them while we’re hurrying from place to place, it’s no surprise they get broken now and then. One survey suggests that a quarter of all iPhones have smashed screens

So, what’s the best way to get your broken smart phone screen repaired?

1. Call your insurance company

Your business mobile phones are probably insured, and that insurance may include cover for accidental damage. If so, you can get your insurance company to fix the screen for you.

Before making a claim, check the consequences. Do you have to pay an excess fee? Will it affect the cost of renewing your insurance? If so, you might be best off fixing your phone in some other way.

2. Send it back to the manufacturer

Most smart phone manufacturers offer a repair service to fix smashed screens. You’ll probably have to send your phone off to a central repair centre or leave it at a shop for a few days.

You can be confident of getting a high-quality repair that’s been made using official components. You’ll probably get a good warranty on the work, too – but it might cost more than going to an unofficial repairer. For instance, Apple charges start from £86.

3. Take it to a local shop

You’ll find independent shops offering smart phone repairs in most UK towns and cities. They can often replace a smashed phone screen on the spot, as long as they have the parts in stock.

Local repair shops usually offer excellent value. For instance, you might be able to get your smashed screen replaced for £30 - £50. The quality of repairs can vary though, so try and get recommendations or search online for reviews.

4. Have them come to you

Some repair companies will come and fix your phone’s smashed screen at your premises, so you don’t have to take time out of your day. Your regular IT support company may offer this service (or know a place that does).

Alternatively, companies like iMend will give you a guaranteed repair price online, then let you arrange a convenient time for the repair to take place at your premises.

5. Fix your phone’s screen yourself

If you’re feeling confident and have a steady pair of hands, it is possible to replace a smashed smart phone screen yourself. As you’d expect, this is the cheapest option – as long as nothing goes wrong.

Make sure you know what you’re getting into. Check for repair guides online (iFixit is a great source) and make sure you know what parts you need to buy. You can usually find these on Amazon, eBay and from other online retailers.

Prevention is better than cure

Of course, it’s generally best to avoid smashing your phone’s screen in the first place. A good case or cover can make your phone less slippery to hold, and offer some protection should it fall to the ground.

Finally, if you want to minimise disruption caused by lost of broken phones in your business, keep a spare handset on hand. It doesn’t need to be the very latest model — but next time you upgrade, put the old phone somewhere safe.

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