IT for Donuts: find your system information easily


Date: 8 June 2015

IT for Donuts is our regular feature where we explain a tech term or answer a question about business IT.

When you request help or technical support, you’ll often be asked to provide your computer’s system information. Here’s an easy way to get hold of this data

System information matters

Computers and software are complicated. With so many programs available in so many different versions, no two computers are set up quite the same.

Problems like system crashes can be caused by many things. When narrowing down the culprit, technical support agents will often ask for your system information. This includes details of how your computer is set up and what’s installed.

Having the system information makes it easier for them to suggest solutions and narrow down the likely cause of your problem.

But finding your system information can be tricky. Could you name which version of web browser you’re using, or the size of your screen resolution?

One place for system information

To avoid having to gather your system information piece by piece, you can visit the website.

When you go to this website, it reads some basic system information and shows it to you on the screen. This system information includes:

  • Operating system and web browser versions
  • Screen resolution and browse window size
  • Whether you have key browser plugins installed
  • Your time zone and language settings

The system information is displayed very clearly. You can also have it sent to you by email by entering your address.

What’s more, will let you create a customised version of this page that lives at a unique address and sends this information to you whenever someone visits it.

That makes it a handy way to gather key system information quickly.

Visit now >

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