A year with a smartwatch: five things I have learned


Date: 23 February 2016

A year with a smartwatch: five things I have learnedThe smartwatch market is still a nascent one, but you may already be asking whether or not you should invest in wearable technology for your business.

"Wearables", as they're commonly known, are computing devices you can wear just like traditional accessories or clothing. They include smart jumpers which keep you warm and intelligent running shoes which connect to your smartphone.

But the most prominent of all wearable tech comes in the form of smartwatches. Having worn a smartwatch for nearly a year, there are five key ways that I have benefited:

1. Meeting notifications

We all attend a lot of meetings. So many, in fact, that it is all too easy to forget where we're supposed to be next. Smartwatches will notify you of forthcoming meetings, so a gentle raise of the wrist is all you'll need to do to avoid being late.

2. Travel

I use my Apple Watch to track mileage and to find my way to meetings in unfamiliar locations with the navigation feature. As a result, it has become an incredibly handy business travel companion.

3. Retaining focus

How many times have you been in the middle of a complex project only to have your attention diverted by your smartphone? Smartwatches deliver notifications in a more subtle fashion and a swift flick of the wrist is all that's required to stay updated and away from the perils of smartphone distraction.

4. Instant communication

Most smartwatches allow you to take calls and respond to texts on your wrist. That means you'll no longer have to rummage in your pocket or bag for your smartphone and risk missing that all-important call.

5. Productivity

There are a growing number of productivity apps available for smartwatches. The most useful are of the to-do list variety that offer quick glances at your current priorities and enable you to easily check off the tasks you've completed. It's intuitive and somewhat addictive – I am definitely more productive because of my smartwatch.

Smartwatches aren't intended to replace computers and laptops. If the time I've spent with the Apple Watch has taught me anything, it's that a device of this kind acts as a brilliant companion to my digital world.

Wearable technology has some way to go before it becomes a permanent fixture in business, but the early benefits are certainly compelling.

Blog written by Mark Ellis of Business Fiction.

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