Why use video interviewing software?


Date: 23 October 2017

Why use video interviewing software?Video interviewing software is becoming more popular - especially as a way to acquire top-level talent. It's estimated that around 60% of all HR professionals use video interviewing software in order to improve the efficiency of the recruitment process.

Industry professionals say that it takes around a month and a half to fill a position. But with the use of video interviewing software, scheduling conflicts can be avoided and the time taken to fill positions can be significantly reduced.

The benefits of videoing interviews

Video allows recruiters to evaluate candidates faster and makes connecting with candidates easier. Using video interviewing cuts the time from initial interview through to completion.

Video software also allows you to record and replay footage, so any answers can be reviewed at a later date. This allows for comparisons to be made between various candidates. This type of system leaves nothing to chance or to anyone's memory. And, if other departments are involved, they can be part of the selection process via video reviews.

Better for candidates

The benefits for candidates are manifold. Candidates do not have to spend extra time travelling to destinations for face-to-face interviews, and they can choose a location where they will be comfortable. This means that fewer candidates will suffer from nerves during their interviews. Instead of being intimidated by the interviewer, candidates can give their full attention to the questions at hand.

Geographical location can be an issue, especially for larger businesses that want to attract global talent to their workforce. It is costly and time-consuming to fly prospects from overseas for first stage interviews; using video interviewing software at this stage can really cut costs for many businesses. The same is true for hiring remote employees.

Video interviewing software is often included as part of applicant tracking software, larger pieces of software that help with the entire recruiting process. Applicant tracking software can be useful in a larger context as well, for example sorting CVs.

Using video interviewing software is an easy way to streamline the entire recruitment process; when hiring time is reduced, time can be better spent elsewhere.

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