Five tech tools your contact centre must have


Date: 8 May 2018

Five tech tools your contact centre must haveYour business is up and running; now, you need to deliver excellent customer service to stay ahead of your competitors. The contact centre space is constantly changing; having the right tools is essential to ensure you deliver value at every touchpoint.

We've compiled a list of the essential contact centre tech tools you need to help you set the standard in customer service and get a head start in your market.

CRM solutions

Forget the back-office applications of yesteryear. Nowadays, most contact centres host their customer relationship management (CRM) software in the cloud. Using a centralised platform enhances the efficiency of your CRM, which lets you manage sales, customer data and interactions, as well as improve your marketing campaigns.

Automatic Call Distribution

Modern Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) systems can be coordinated with computer-telephony integration and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to queue incoming calls and route them to the next available agent or relevant department.

Intelligent IVR

IVR systems have in the past been criticised for being too impersonal. However, updated IVR systems have advanced automation capabilities. Rather than offering customers fixed options (like telling them to "Press 1 for…"), enhanced IVR technology now asks, "How can we help you today?", allowing customers to share their specific queries and needs.

Chatbots / virtual assistants

One of the latest buzzwords in the contact centre industry, "artificial intelligence", has passed the talking stage and looks to be serious business in 2018. Chatbots, a form of AI, can provide many solutions in the contact centre such as improving customer response times, freeing up agent time for more productive tasks, and handling regular queries in their entirety.

Workforce management software

With a high volume of interactions happening daily, workforce management software enables contact centre managers to predict the number of calls, emails and chat sessions, and schedule the optimal number of agents to handle workloads.

While these technologies can help you keep operational expenses down, they require a high financial investment if you're setting up an in-house contact centre, especially considering the additional cost of hiring, training, and managing agents. Unless your business is robust enough to carry the risk, business process outsourcing may be a better solution, as it gives you cost-saving benefits while improving efficiency in your contact centre.

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