How tech can save your business big bucks


Date: 18 December 2018

How tech can help you save money for your businessIn the corporate arena, clever technology is now viewed as being essential to success. It's implemented with a single and obvious purpose; to help a business reach its aims and objectives efficiently.

Smart business tech streamlines processes and enhances productivity, gives businesses an active presence on social media platforms, and allows them to protect their data and utilise their resources in a safer, speedier fashion.

While all of these benefits certainly help a business boost its cashflow, it's also worth considering how technology can not only earn, but save a business money.

1. Streamlining communication

There's an old saying in the corporate world; time is money. It's been floating around for years, and that's largely because it's 100% true. Colleagues will stand around chatting aimlessly about weekend plans, or hold three-hour meetings about matters that can be covered in three minutes, and ultimately chip away at company time with every word they speak.

In the end, wasting time at work is a serious issue, and the solutions are often found in technology.

Communication tech allows employees to share information in an efficient way, specifically designed for the workplace. Apps such as Slack are a good example of this. Instead of spending hours in meetings or gossiping at desks, messages can now be sent and received quickly with a few taps of the keyboard or clicks of the mouse, whether to individuals, to groups or entire departments.

This eradicates wasted time spent leaving desks to ask colleagues a simple question, and prevents productivity taking a hit. The long-term effect of this is to save the business money.

2. Automating maintenance

The more savvy a business is with the tech it invests in, the more safe and efficient it will be. However, the latest tech doesn't come cheap, especially when you start looking at high-end equipment and software.

Furthermore, you're rarely looking at a one-time payment at point of purchase. After all, repair and maintenance fees are often incurred somewhere down the line, even for the most up-to-date machinery.

However, these extra costs aren't always necessary. For example, SSG Insight offer a computerised system that can detect and report on tech issues that emerge. This will enable your digital infrastructure to isolate and sometimes even fix its own issues, before they become business-critical - eliminating hassle and downtime.

Faults will inevitably arise in technology, but now automation software can fix many problems almost immediately.

3. Keeping marketing costs down

Costly print ads, billboards, tv and radio adverts or leafleting may all become somewhat redundant if you have a stellar online presence. Even if you're running a small business, get your online marketing right and you can acquire global exposure without spending much money at all.

You'll need to develop a smart SEO strategy to gain traction. Write an authoritative company blog that discusses all the latest developments and concerns within your industry, and heads will turn.

Additionally, social media accounts come for free, letting you advertise your business to the world without spending a penny. You'll get seen by (if you're lucky) millions of potential customers, investors and business partners, and you'll do it all in an extremely cost-effective manner too.

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