Four tools for trimming online videos


Date: 15 January 2019

Four tools for trimming online videosThese days, it is easier than ever to add video to your website - and there are many benefits to doing so. From delivering important company messages to product demonstrations and how-to videos, the options are only limited by your time and imagination.

Videos can now be created quickly and easily by anyone with a smartphone or webcam, helping you boost engagement with your customers.

Many online videos, in their full form, will show an intro at the beginning and credits at the end. Sometimes (when sharing the video on social media, for example) you just want a shorter version that cuts the intro or credits, or a portion of the complete video (such as one step in a set of instructions).

To fix this problem, you need to use a video trimmer tool to cut the unwanted sections out of the video.

Here we tell you how to trim your cool video in seconds.

1. The Windows 10 Photos app

You can use the Photos app on Windows 10 to trim your video. To do this, first locate the video and right-click it. When the menu pops up, navigate to Open With… and choose Photos.

When the video is opened in the Photos app, click the Edit & Create dropdown menu and choose Trim. To trim the video, simply move the start and ending sliders to select the portion that you want to retain.

You can preview how your video will look after trimming by clicking the Play button. Finally, you can click Save and Copy to save the video.

Once the video is saved, you can open the folder and click it to play it. The saved video has the word "trim" at the end of the filename.

2. The Windows Movies & TV app

You can also trim your videos using the Movies & TV app. In some versions of Windows, the app is called Films & TV.

To open your video in the Movies & TV app, right-click it and choose Open with > Movies & TV. In the video player you will see a pencil icon, which is the Edit button. Click the pencil icon, and select the Trim option.

Next, move the sliders to select the portion you want to keep. The last step is to save the video by clicking Save and Copy.

Videos trimmed using the Photos and Movies & TV apps will retain almost the same quality as the original video. If you check the trimmed video's properties, you'll find that the audio/video bitrates are only slightly reduced. The small changes in video quality will not be noticeable.

3. An online video trimmer tool

If the above methods don't float your boat, you can turn to an online video trimmer tool to trim your video. To use an online tool, first upload the video to the tool before following the on-screen instructions.

There are a few drawbacks to using an online tool. For example, it may add a watermark to the trimmed video, or there may be limits to the size of the video you can upload.

Also, because you need internet to access the online tool, you could experience lagging, or be forced to re-upload the video if you experience internet problems.

4. A third-party video trimmer tool

Finally, you could try a third-party trimmer tool such as Movavi Video Editor. To trim a video, first load it onto the timeline by clicking the Add Media Files button or dragging it onto the video track.

After the video has loaded, move the red marker to the start time, and then drag it to the end time to select the section you want. After that, either press Del on your keyboard or click the Trash button to delete the unwanted portions.

If you want to split a video, you can move the red marker to the point where you want to cut, and click the scissor tool. Finally, click Export to save the video.

You can rearrange the clips that you have trimmed by dragging them to your preferred position. You could also drop another video onto the timeline, to merge it with the existing video.

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