Three reasons why your business needs a huddle room

By: Fresh Generation UK PVT Ltd

Date: 26 February 2019

Four business people collaborate with a remote team using video conferencing in a huddle room.The days of the cubicle are well and truly behind us, as businesses increasingly move to open-plan work environments. These modern workspaces are designed to encourage collaboration and engagement, enabling employees to work together without physical boundaries.

However, these areas can often become noisy, disruptive and chaotic, making it difficult for teams to find the privacy required to collaborate effectively. So, instead of investing in expensive conference areas, businesses are now turning their attention to innovative huddle rooms as a means of optimising their workspace.

In fact, according to a 2017 report by Wainhouse Research, there may be as many as 50 million huddle rooms installed around the world. The endless possibilities presented by advances in technology will only cause this number to increase.

Here we look at how a huddle room could benefit your business.

What is a huddle room?

In short, a huddle room is a small meeting area which comes equipped with innovative meeting room technology. Designed to enable effective collaboration, huddle rooms make use of video conferencing, digital whiteboarding, interactive displays and other audio-visual solutions to make it easier for teams to work together.

These small, convenient meeting spaces allow teams to get together more frequently and efficiently, helping them to keep up with the fast pace of the modern workplace. Providing staff with a more private, intimate environment to work in, huddle rooms are typically designed to hold up to five or six people at a time; dispelling any major distractions and ensuring teams remain completely focused.

The end result is a more dynamic, effective and productive meeting experience, allowing teams to seamlessly collaborate at a time and place that best suits them. Instead of worrying about background noise, huddle rooms provide businesses with the perfect place to meet with clients, host presentations and brainstorm new ideas.

Why your business should be using huddle rooms

Now that approximately 70% of all offices feature an open-floor plan, huddle rooms are continuing to grow in importance and value. Here are the main reasons you should consider creating one.

1. Keep your remote teams better connected

There's no denying the way we work is changing, as the rise of mobile technology has led to a dramatic increase in remote and flexible working practises. There are currently an estimated 1.5 million people who regularly work from home in the UK, while a 2018 Total Jobs study found that 65% of employees are given the option to work remotely.

Through innovative AV solutions, huddle rooms are designed to connect in-house staff with mobile team members, bringing physical and digital workplaces together. Video conferencing platforms allow remote workers to participate in meetings from the comfort of home, while digital whiteboards and virtual workspaces encourage continuous collaboration and inspire creativity.

When equipped with the right technology - such as cameras, large TV screens and microphones - huddle rooms make it quicker and easier for teams to collaborate from across the globe, giving the illusion of being in the same room together.

2. Encourage collaboration

Although collaboration has always been an important part of the workplace, the ways in which teams work together are undoubtedly evolving. Instead of worrying about commuting or booking spaces in order to meet, teams are now using video chat, instant messaging and cloud-based workspaces to connect with one another.

Huddle rooms embrace these digital collaboration platforms, coming fully equipped with the technology needed to improve the overall meeting experience. When this technology has been properly integrated, teams are able to seamlessly share content, host presentations and communicate on a regular basis from all over the world.

Such is the ease of use and immediacy of these innovative AV platforms, teams can now jump into impromptu meetings and keep driving projects forward. Additionally, bespoke huddle rooms can be built to your own requirements, allowing you to create a workspace which is engineered to your specific types of collaboration - ensuring that teams have full access to the technology they need.

3. Minimise distractions and boost productivity

Despite being specifically designed to enhance collaboration, open-floor workspaces are naturally full of distractions and noise. Hosting a meeting or brainstorming session in such a chaotic environment can prove challenging, ultimately resulting in significant amounts of wasted time and poor results.

Huddle rooms provide a much more intimate meeting space, allowing team members to minimise the distractions of the office and increase their focus. Although they're only designed to hold a few people at a time, these small workspaces are ideal for bringing smaller teams together and ensuring meeting sessions are much more productive.

Enhancing concentration and inspiring collaboration, huddle rooms and AV technology have the potential to take your productivity and engagement to a whole new level in 2019. In fact, working together has never been so simple.

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