Should you invest in an ID card printer for your office?


Date: 6 July 2020

A man opens the door to a woman who is showing her photo ID

Many offices nowadays are choosing to use a smart card system for various tasks around the office. You may be using them purely for IDs for staff and visitors or for reasons beyond that such as controlling entry and access to restricted areas around the building. So, is it worth investing in an ID card printer for your office? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you might choose to do so.

You want photo ID as standard

Some workplaces do not require you to carry ID when you are there. However, there are some where it is a workplace standard. In larger companies where it is impossible to know who everyone is, it can be more necessary than one might think. It may also be required in workplaces where the work is regulated, and your employee needs to be identifiable - for example in certain finance and healthcare roles.

If creating photo IDs is a necessary part of the induction process for new staff members, then you need to make sure that there is an ID card printer on-site that can be used. This means that an ID card can be made up for them on site, instantly instead of having to wait for one to get sent in. On sites where fast settlement of new staff is required and where photo ID is essential, an ID card printer will be an essential piece of equipment.

There are a lot of visitors to the site

Likewise, if you need to be able to quickly identify staff, you also need to be able to identify those who are simply visiting your workplace. This can be an incredibly important tool when attempting to keep these visitors safe. They can be used to control access to restricted areas allow them access to certain areas that might otherwise be access-controlled, such as exits from high-risk areas.

With an ID card printer onsite, you will be able to quickly create a card for them when they sign in at your front desk. In addition to obtaining the information you need to register all visitors, the printing of a visitors’ badge will become just another step in the process.

An ID card printer is more economical

Though ID cards can be sourced at an affordable price from the right stockists, you still need to make sure that you are not overspending on them. If you are consistently ordering small batches of cards with all the details and capabilities you need, this will soon add up.

A printer can cut this cost. It might be more economical for your business to order the blank cards you need and then print them as and when you need them, especially if you frequently have a large volume of people visiting your premises.

There are many pieces of equipment that can be bought for an office. Some pieces of kit will definitely be superfluous for some businesses who would never use them. Where this is the case, the investment is not worthwhile. However, the same piece of equipment may get a lot of use in another business.

It's important to understand if and when you would use an ID card printer and how often. You can then compare the costs of outsourcing your ID badges with the cost of printing them in house. If your business frequently requires ID badges it is likely that investing in an ID card printer will be a better option for your business than ordering badges as and when you need them. Take a look at your business practices right now to assess whether an ID card printer would be a good fit for your business.

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