Three ways cloud solutions can improve your business' future


Date: 11 November 2020

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The world of information technology and computing seems to go through paradigm shifts every few years. These days, an increasing number of highly sophisticated business solutions are emerging, which are mostly – if not completely – cloud-based.

These solutions exist to address professional needs in a variety of different domains and industries. Artificial, for example, is a business dedicated to making the insurance process frictionless. This is just one example. There are hundreds of managed services IT and web hosting platforms out there.

Here are just a few ways that cloud-based solutions can help your company in the future – and why it may be time for you to begin considering these technologies and solutions more carefully.

1. Allowing you to benefit from computing power and storage beyond your immediate capabilities

As tools and technologies become increasingly highly complex, they demand more and more processing power. If businesses are to remain cutting edge, the logistics of having their own advanced computing infrastructure set up on site becomes more of an issue.

It may be that having excellent computing power and vast storage on-site is simply not feasible in your current location – either because of prohibitive costs, or because of local commercial or infrastructural issues.

Cloud-based solutions completely by-pass this issue. They allow you to benefit from excellent computing power and increasingly substantial storage, without having to furnish your business with a new server room, or suite of high end machines.

2. Enabling you to be far more mobile, flexible, and lightweight with your business

Some of the core considerations for any business include reducing overheads, increasing flexibility and versatility, and figuring out ways to effectively out-manoeuvre the competition.

Whatever it is your business does, you will be vastly more dynamic in many different ways by taking advantage of the right cloud-based business services and solutions.

In many cases, these solutions allow team members to work in unison from around the world, or on the road. They can also enable you to quickly pivot your campaigns in one direction or another.

3. By (counter-intuitively) improving data security

One of the major concerns people have with cloud-based services is with regards to data security. It is, unfortunately, true that certain major cloud-based systems and platforms have, at one time or another, been subject to massive cyber-attacks and data breaches.

In a somewhat counter-intuitive sense, however, signing up to the right cloud-based solutions may actually significantly improve your data security in a number of ways

For one thing, it will be significantly easier to share important files and documents with various team members regardless of their location. This significantly reduces the risk of file mismanagement.

Another benefit is that it allows you to protect your data from local technical issues or file corruption. What's more, your data will be protected by a specialist company with sophisticated security resources. This makes your own business less directly vulnerable to cyber-attack.

This point isn't universally true of course. It depends very much on the cloud-based service you use and the company who provides it. But it is certainly worth considering.

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