Five free conferencing tools

Person using their laptop for a conference with other conference tools being used as well

If you need a quick and easy way to hold meetings between several people in different locations, look no further than these free online tools

  1. Uberconfrence
    Uberconference allows screen sharing and voice conferences, and in their free plan you even get access to call recording and up to ten participants on the call. A great, simple way to get into conferencing.
  2. Powwownow
    Running a teleconference through Powwownow costs nothing except the cost of the call. You can hold meetings with up to 50 people from any device, record and playback calls, share your screen - and the system is dead easy to use.
  3. Skype
    Skype is included with Microsoft 365 and is compatible with Mac and Linux devices. Once installed, you can hold free voice, video and group chats across the internet, send instant messages or make low cost national and international telephone calls. Skype is good for informal communication and brief, unscheduled meetings.
  4. Twiddla
    Twiddla reckons it's a "web-based meeting playground". Sounds like fun. You can create online meetings quickly and easily, share screens with each other, mark up websites graphics and photos and grab snaps of what you create.
  5. AnyMeeting
    You'll see a few ads if you use the AnyMeeting app for free, but it's still a fantastic webinar service that easily matches some of the paid-for competition in terms of features. It's web-based, too, so there's no need to download a specific piece of software to get it working.

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