How to build better apps

Laptop on a desk showing coding used to build apps with a computer in the background

Building a really great app is hard. That's why there aren't many of them out there. Far too many app founders find getting their game-changing idea on to the app store is time-consuming and costly. Ritam Gandhi, founder of Studio Graphene, shares his top tips for building a great app.

Start with the right idea

Think small, especially at the start - don't think about the tech until you've got your idea pinned down. Sounds counter-intuitive, right? You're always told to dream big! But you want to make sure your app actually does something really well. Focus on doing one thing, and doing it exceptionally well.

Try to do everything for everybody and you'll end up doing nothing for anybody. Take Agio for example, it's an app that compares exchange rates at money transfer bureaus near to you using GPS, and then directs you there. That's it. Simple and effective, which is why Apple featured it in on the app store.

Prioritise your app features from the outset

You've had a great idea, and are sticking to it; now's the time to prioritise your features list and user journeys. These will be essential in your app wireframing and design phase, but will also help make sure that your app's most important features are worked on first, and are the most robust at launch.

Keep your app native

Always go native. Developing a hybrid app is quicker in the short term, making you feel like you are saving time and money - but you're not. Native apps are faster, more reliable, easier to tap into wider functions, have an ability to send push notifications and are user friendly. This is an absolute must - if your app isn't easy to use then nobody will use it.

Reinvent new ways of using existing technology

Make your life easier. Beg, borrow and steal ideas and tools. AR (augmented reality) production kits are widely available on mobile devices, so you can layer virtual content on top of real world scenes, like the Apple AR Kit. Google has their Vision API, allowing easy image recognition integrations. Use them. There is no need to overcomplicate the process by re-inventing the wheel, building your own wheel, or feeling like you're cheating by using the available software.

Deliver what you set out to deliver

One of the most exciting app launches our team have seen recently is Player Unknown's Battlegrounds.

The game has seen stratospheric growth, but is also a brilliant example of an MVP-style product launch. It really goes to prove that providing you execute your core value proposition, it doesn't matter if everything else is super buggy. You can still succeed. Ultimately, don't get too hung up on everything having to be perfect (or you'll never get your app to market...)!

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