Introduction to cyber security - free online training course

The Open University has created a free, online cyber security training course. It is supported by the Government?s National Cyber Security Programme - which aims to improve cyber security skills and promote the UK online.

The course is for anyone wanting to improve their knowledge of and skills in digital security. It will help inspire the next generation of cyber security professionals, ensuring the UK has the knowledge and capability to meet current and future challenges.

It can also give you a practical understanding of what you can do to protect your business. 

The Introduction to Cyber Security course is open to anyone with access to the internet and covers subjects such as network security, the threat landscape, cryptography, malware and how to manage security risks. The course enables students to gain an insight into cyber security and develop more advanced knowledge.

Each course module will take 2 - 3 hours to complete, and the whole course lasts eight weeks.

The course will be offered four times a year over the next three years. Course dates can be found on the website.

Register for the Introduction to Cyber Security course here >>

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