Poll findings are wake-up call for senior managers

21 August 2018

Poll findings are wake-up call for senior managersA new survey of 2,000 UK employees has found that senior managers are the least trusted people in the workplace.

The poll, conducted by Virtual College, asked respondents to rate their trust in different roles - co-workers, team members, managers and senior management. The findings show that senior managers are the least trusted group with only 16% saying they trust them.

The sectors that trusted senior management the least include utilities (3%), legal (8%) and Government services (9%).

Yet, 95% of senior managers said they were confident that they are trusted by their staff. In fact, co-workers were the most trusted group (57%), followed by managers (45%) and team members (42%).

Nearly half (44%) of employees felt that improving workplace trust would help to improve happiness in their roles. It was found that this would particularly boost staff working in entertainment (55%), healthcare (53%) and social care sectors (52%). Improving workplace trust would also increase motivation in the job for 39%.

Improvements in communication (cited by 52%) and regular catch-ups (40%) were considered the best ways by employees for management to improve trust in the workplace. Communication from management was considered particularly important in education (57%) and healthcare (59%).

Renford Nelson, ecommerce manager at Virtual College, said: "Navigating the different elements of trust in the workplace in a modern environment can be tricky; however the beneifts of improving trust can be hugely rewardng to a business. Improving trust can help to boost productivity and employee satisfaction, which both ultimately impact on the performance of a business."

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