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Do you need a website privacy policy?

Your website privacy policy explains what information you collect from people as they use your website. You need one if you collect any sort of data at all from people on your site.

You certainly need a privacy policy if your website:

  • Uses website analytics or tracking software. For example, if you use Google Analytics, Clicky or another tool to view website usage statistics.
  • Stores cookies on visitors' computers. These can be used for many things, like advertising or remembering preferences. (There are specific cookie rules, too.)
  • Collects personal data from visitors. For instance, by asking them to sign up to an email newsletter or entering their details to make a purchase.
  • Allows people to register and sign in. It's important visitors can understand how their registration details will be used.
  • Includes third-party advertising or tracking code. Embedding ads, videos or content from other services may add their code and cookies to your website.

Quite simply, virtually every website requires a privacy policy. And even if you think you don't need one, it may be wise to include a short privacy statement to set visitors' minds at ease.

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Website privacy policy template

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Implementing your website privacy policy

Although your website privacy policy is likely to sit on a page which relatively few website visitors will see, it's still important to make it clear, straightforward and relevant.

For starters, a proportion of your website visitors will actively seek it out.

But perhaps more importantly, the people visiting your website have the right to know how you use the data you collect from them.

They might only choose to view that information if they have a query or complaint, but it's at that point when having a privacy policy is most important of all. It protects your visitors, and it covers your back too.

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