Buy and manage IT

Good IT management can help you choose, use and implement IT. Our overview helps you manage IT in a way that maximises the return on your investment.

Buy and manage IT - overview

Good IT management can help you choose, use and implement IT. Our overview helps you manage IT in a way that maximises the return on your investment.

Your IT budget - overview

Money does not grown on trees so it is vital you spend your IT budget wisely. Our overview can help you identify what IT you need and how to buy it.

Your IT requirements - overview

Before you buy IT equipment or services for your business, establish your IT requirements. Our guide will help you establish what IT you need.

Buy an IT system - overview

Buying new technology for your business can be intimidating if you're not a specialist. Our introduction can help you get the equipment you need?

Regular IT maintenance - overview

Regular IT maintenance keeps your IT systems run smoothly. Our introduction explores the regular IT tasks you should implement to maximise efficiency.

System upgrades - overview

Upgrading your IT system can provide greater efficiencies and cost savings. Our introduction looks at the routine upgrades you should consider.

Fork in road - choosing an IT supplier.

Choosing an IT supplier

There's a host of IT suppliers to choose from. You need to pick one that meets your requirements and can provide what you need, when you need it.

Overhead view of a team working on a range of IT devices

Getting the most from your IT system

How to use business tech to help your small business market itself, understand customers better and get staff working together more efficiently.

An IT provider wearing a denim shirt using a laptop next to a computer server

How to find an IT provider

Your choice of IT provider is key to getting the right IT for your business. They need to understand how you work and find the technology to help you.

Engineer maintains an IT system

Maintaining your IT system

Regular IT maintenance helps protect your data and reduce the risk of serious problems. We explain simple steps you can take to minimise risks.

Employees work on their upgraded IT

Upgrade or buy new?

As your IT equipment ages, you will need to decide at some point whether to upgrade or purchase new equipment. Craig Sharp considers the choices.

Laptop surrounded by boxes - essential IT for a new business.

Essential IT for a new business

If you’re starting up, you'll need IT for writing letters and sending out invoices. You might also want a website to generate enquiries or sales.

What IT insurance do you need?

What IT insurance do you need?

Do you depend on your IT systems? If you experienced an IT problem, would your company suffer? Business insurance has adapted to cover these risks.

Asset tracking: keep tabs on your IT

Asset tracking: keep tabs on your IT

IT asset management allows your business to keep track of all the IT equipment (‘assets’) it owns or uses so you know what IT you own and where it is.

Man in glasses sorting out blue network wiring in a server

Network management tasks

Your network is a key part of your business IT system. To keep it running smoothly it’s important you perform some basic network management tasks.