Good communication with customers, partners and suppliers is vital for business success. This summary explores business communication methods.

Communications - overview

Good communication with customers, partners and suppliers is vital for business success. This summary explores business communication methods.

Networks - overview

Discover how building a computer network will allow people in your business to access data, share resources, get online and communicate effectively.

Business email - overview

Email is an essential tool for every company. Establish your business email requirements and work out how to meet them with this introduction.

Business telephone systems - overview

Every business needs a phone system that’s functional, flexible, and affordable. We compare business phone systems, including VoIP and virtual phones in our round-up.

Mobile phones - overview

Mobile phones offer an increasing range of capabilities and are essential in business. Our overview looks at the main phones and tariffs.

Conferencing systems - overview

Conferencing systems enable meetings between people in different locations. We look at some of the options, including video and conference calling.

Collaboration tools - overview

Online collaboration tools can help employees work together - even if they're in different locations. Our introduction examines some of the options.

Instant messaging - overview

Instant messaging is an easy way to communicate. Our introduction will help you choose the right instant messaging system and use it effectively.

Create an intranet - overview

An intranet is a private website where people can share information. Find out why and how to set up an intranet for your company to boost efficiency.

Man in a suit drawing a network map onto a screen

Building a network

Once you’ve decided you need a business IT network, it’s important you plan and build one that’s appropriate for your business needs.

A sole trader talks to a customer on the phone

Essential guide to setting up telecoms for your business

Get information, advice, and guidance on how to use technology to transform call handling and management in your business. The fixed-line network will be switched off in 2025, so you'll need to act quickly – here’s how.


Wireless networks

Wireless technology is convenient, cheap and readily available. Use wireless networks alongside traditional wired networks or as an easy alternative.

A freelance copywriter writing copy for a small business

Choose a bulk email service provider

Confused about who to use for your bulk email marketing? Just be clear about what you want, then take your time finding someone who can deliver it.

Group of people collaborating together and putting sticky notes down on the table

Five free collaboration tools

You don’t need a big budget to try out online collaboration tools. These five tools can help you work together – and they won’t cost you a penny.