Business software

Business software helps you complete a range of tasks. Choose the right software, provide support and train your staff with our introduction.

Business software - overview

Business software helps you complete a range of tasks. Choose the right software, provide support and train your staff with our introduction.

Software licensing - overview

Computer software usually comes with a licence explaining how you can use it. We explain how software licences work and how to comply with the terms.

Creative software - overview

Creative software can be used to create leaflets, edit photos, graphics, music and presentations. Our introduction looks at some of the options.

Small business CRM - overview

Introduction to customer relationship management software and how it can help your business communicate more effectively with customers.

Online accounting software being used an a computer to send a payment

Choosing accounting software

Accounting software makes your accounts quicker and easier to process - and you don't need to be a trained accountant. Our guide to choosing software.

Payroll folder on a desk - do you need a payroll system?

Do you need a payroll system?

If you have employees, an efficient payroll system is essential. It helps you comply with tax obligations. But do you need an electronic system?

People busy in an office - office suites.

Office suites

Most business computers have an office suite installed. But what does it do? We explain why you need this software and how to choose one for you.

Woman using her laptop to download operating system software

Operating system software

The essential software in your business lets you to get on with everyday tasks, like creating documents, sending email and fulfilling customer orders.


Payroll software

Payroll software helps you manage wage payments, print and track your paperwork and submit information to HMRC. How to choose payroll software.

A finance team use accounting software

Using accounting software

Good accounting software puts you in control of your business, letting you automate regular tasks, prepare forecasts and monitor business performance.

Piracy is a crime

Using software legally

Illegal software can carry viruses as well as leaving you open to prosecution. Make sure you stay within the law when you buy business software.

A team use CRM software to answer customer calls

What is CRM software?

CRM (customer relationship management) software is an important weapon for businesses keen to find new customers and hold on to existing ones.

Accountant holding a pen calculating finances next to a laptop and calculator

Accounting software FAQs

Accounting software helps you keep track of your business accounts. Get key information and straightforward advice with our accounting software FAQ.

Free business software

Free business software

Free business software isn’t always second best. Some of the best software is free, enabling you to benefit from modern software for nothing.

Gantt chart - project management software.

Project management software

Business project management software can help you plan and scheduling projects, helping you estimate timescales and deliver projects on time.