Computer hardware

Person scanning their finger using mobile security software on their phone


Do you need mobile security software?

You know it’s a good idea to have security and anti-virus software on your computers. But, do you need security software for your mobile devices too?

Business software

People busy in an office - office suites.


Office suites

Most business computers have an office suite installed. But what does it do? We explain why you need this software and how to choose one for you.

The internet

a padlock and a url starting https:// indicating that the website has SSL encryption


SSL encryption for your website

Although an SSL certificate can be useful for an online shop, it’s not the only security precaution you need. We explore the other considerations.


A marketeer works on her email marketnig campaign


Ten ways to use email effectively

Email has become the default communication tool. But it can present all manner of pitfalls. Here are ten tips for using email more effectively.

IT security

Buy and manage IT

Fork in road - choosing an IT supplier.


Choosing an IT supplier

There's a host of IT suppliers to choose from. You need to pick one that meets your requirements and can provide what you need, when you need it.

IT support

Two men in suits shaking hands over a desk


IT support contract essentials

When you consider IT support options for your business, there are some items you shouldn’t scrimp on. Here are five things you should cover properly.

Staff and IT training