Computer hardware

Business software

Online accounting software being used an a computer to send a payment


Choosing accounting software

Accounting software makes your accounts quicker and easier to process - and you don't need to be a trained accountant. Our guide to choosing software.

The internet

Blue sky with clouds and a hand holding an ethernet cable up to the cloud


Beginner's guide to the cloud

Cloud computing allows you to use the internet to carry out tasks you'd normally do on your computer. So how can it help your business?


IT security

Someone holding a mobile device showing a padlock on the screen


Keeping mobile devices secure

Mobile phones have more capabilities than ever and the risk of data loss from phones has dramatically increased. You need to protect that data.

Buy and manage IT


Upgrade or buy new?

As your IT equipment ages, you will need to decide at some point whether to upgrade or purchase new equipment. Craig Sharp considers the choices.

IT support

Two men in suits shaking hands over a desk


IT support contract essentials

When you consider IT support options for your business, there are some items you shouldn’t scrimp on. Here are five things you should cover properly.

Staff and IT training

Woman sitting in home office working on laptop


Q&A: introducing homeworking

What is homeworking? How can homeworking benefit my business? Find the answer to all your questions on the implications of homeworking.