Business telephone systems

Thinking of upgrading or modernising your business phone system but don’t know where to start? Our in-depth guides are packed full of clear information that will help you select the small business phone package for you.

Business telephone systems - overview

Every business needs a phone system that’s functional, flexible, and affordable. We compare business phone systems, including VoIP and virtual phones in our round-up.

Better business telecoms

Better business telecoms

The right telecoms system will give you the capabilities you need at a low cost. Learn about business phone systems including VoIP and call handling.

A business man wearing a headset makes a VOIP call

How to lower your phone bill with VoIP

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is a kind of business telephone system where calls are made over the internet making it cheaper and more flexible.

iPhone five using the phone app to type in a number

Types of telephone number

Your business doesn’t have to settle for a standard telephone number, starting ‘01…’ or ‘02…’. You can choose other numbers. We look at the options.

Man in a blue suit using his laptop to create a virtual office

Creating a virtual office using VoIP

If you want to impress customers, sometimes it helps to look like a larger operation. One way is to create a virtual office environment using VoIP.