Thank you IT for giving me football support


Date: 23 June 2010

Eight years ago I had to watch the World Cup in between exams. I have a less-than-fond memory of school delaying the start of the day by half an hour just so we could watch Brazil beat England at the crack of dawn.

Four years ago was my first World Cup where I didn’t have to construct an intricate timetable incorporating revision and football on TV. This was on account that a) it was being hosted in Europe and b) I was between university degrees. It was great.

Football on your desktop

This time round, the World Cup is not being hosted close to home, but neither is it so far away as to impact on timings. Unfortunately, I am now in employment and was unable to view the earlier matches.

That is until I discovered my lunch hour is in perfect alignment with the first half of the 1230 kick offs. And, thanks to advances in IT, the BBC and ITV have made it possible for me to satiate my need to watch too much football with a coffee in a cafe via my netbook. I even managed to stream a game from the comfort of my dentist’s waiting room on my phone.

Business IT on the move

Eight years ago, IT systems in many small businesses may have been no more than a well-used fax machine and a computer for basic word processing tasks or rudimentary data entry.

Four years ago the internet was creeping its way in to the workplace, changing the systems by which we conduct business. Small businesses benefited from the introduction of office networks and, of course, the ability to communicate, share and conduct business with the larger network of the world wide web.

Today, IT is central to most businesses. It is the means by which we have ecommerce. It enables greater number crunching and is a rapid facilitator of communication. There is now also a vast pool of IT support resources available to make the implementation of small business IT a smoother experience.

IT has come a long way. And although we do turn to IT support when things go wrong, when they go right, IT is such a valuable aspect of our business and social lives that it’s an important support system in itself.

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