The obligatory 'year in review' post


Date: 23 December 2010

A year ago, the IT Donut was nothing more than a badly-formatted spreadsheet of a site map plus a collection of draft articles. So it's fair to say 2010 has been something of a momentous year for us; we launched the site in August and won our first award in November. However, the IT Donut is the youngest member of a family of websites which also includes Marketing Donut, Start-up Donut and Law Donut. It's been a good year all-round - these are some of our achievements:

  • We launched the IT Donut and this blog won a Computer Weekly award
  • We welcomed two big-name sponsors: Microsoft and Sage
  • We published 12 MyDonut newsletters
  • We built up a roll of 244 business experts to appear on the sites. Want to join them?
  • We hit a total of over 20,000 followers on Twitter - and those followers have come up with great tips and advice, as well as making us laugh out loud on occasion (we love Twitter).

On top of all that, we've interviewed some of the biggest names in UK enterprise and shared the stories, views and comments of hundreds of business owners. What does 2011 hold? Well, we'll be working hard to make sure the IT Donut is packed full of fresh, interesting, useful content. You can also expect new Donuts and an even stronger local presence And of course, we’ll continue to champion the cause of small-business owners across the UK. None of this would be possible without your enthusiastic support of our work. The Donut sites are all about you - the owners, managers, employees and supporters of the UK’s small businesses - and we appreciate all the kind comments and messages you’ve sent us throughout the year. Have a great Christmas and fun New Year celebration. We’ll be back on 4 January with more news, stories, tweets, offers, competitions and advice - everything you need to help you run your business better.

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