It's Clean Out Your Inbox Week!


Date: 25 January 2011

Email overload is rampant. It continues to eat into people’s time and wellbeing, costing business dearly.

Who can afford to waste 30 days per person per year? That is what research by my company and other independent surveys have confirmed is the cost to you and your business of poorly managed email.

Get ready to clean out your inbox

There is a solution. We have ways to reduce the drain on your resources. The first is a new initiative: the very first UK Clean Out Your Inbox Week.

To tie in with the fourth annual event in the US, we are delighted to announce the UK’s first Clean Out Your Inbox Week. We're offering daily guides to help you get ‘email fit’, slim down your inbox and learn to keep it lean.

But you'll have to be daring. It might mean changing both your own email behaviour and that of your colleagues.

Take part for free

It’s free to be a part of Clean Out Your Inbox Week and it promises to be fun. You will find ways to save time. Time to do what you want to do rather than being driven by an overweight inbox which is constantly demanding your attention.

Ready to go? Check our events page for the programme and to find out how to participate.

And follow me on Twitter (@EmailDoctor) for daily tips keep an eye on the #myinboxis hastag for other related tweets.

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