Friday Donut tip: three keyboard shortcuts I use a hundred times a day


Date: 27 April 2012

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Smoother, swifter web browsing

There are three keyboard shortcuts I use hundreds of times a day. They save me time and effort, allowing me to focus on the information I’m reading rather than the web browser I’m using.

If you have a PC with Microsoft Windows, these shortcuts work in Firefox and Chrome (which I’d also highly recommend if you don’t already use one of them). Remember, when we say ‘CTRL + T’, it means you should hold down the CTRL key and tap T on your keyboard.

  • CTRL + T opens a new tab in your web browser
  • CTRL + W closes the current tab
  • CTRL + Shift + T reopens the last tab you closed

Has that revolutionised how you use the web? Are you now browsing at light speed?

Bonus tip:

You can use ALT + D to jump straight to the browser address bar, where you can enter the address of the website you want to visit.

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