TOTW: how to shake away your cluttered desktop


Date: 26 October 2012

As the new Windows 8 has been getting all the attention lately, for this week's tip of the week we thought we'd explain an often-overlooked feature of Windows 7.

If you've bought your computer in the last few years then you're probably using Windows 7, and many people will be using it for several years to come yet.

The feature in question is Shake, a handy little mouse gesture that lets you clear everything from your desktop except a single window, all with a flick of your mouse.

It's really useful if you're the kind of person who has a cluttered computer desktop and lots of open windows. If you want to concentrate on a task or just tidy up, it's a quick way to do so. Here's how:

  1. Click and hold the top of the window you want to keep open.
  2. Give your mouse a good shake, while still holding the button
  3. Watch in amazement as all your other windows become minimised

To bring your windows back, click and shake again. It really is that easy - check this video to see it in action:

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