TOTW: how to reopen a website you closed by mistake


Date: 30 November 2012

Repoen closed browser tabs{{}}

Does your web browser have this many tabs open?

Have you ever accidentally closed a web page you were only halfway through reading? When you have lots of browser tabs open (see image), it's easy to close the wrong one by mistake.

Fear not! Every major web browser has a shortcut to undo this mistake. So next time you click the close button without meaning to, don't swear under your breath. Just hit the correct key combination for your browser.

If you're using a Windows PC:

The shortcut is the same for Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer:


If you use Safari for Windows, you just need do use the standard shortcut for 'undo':


If you're using a Mac:

If you're on a Mac, you just need to substitute the CTRL key in Windows for the Mac's command key (it's the one next to the spacebar that says cmd on it).

So, in Google Chrome and Firefox, use:


And in Safari, it's:


Once you get familiar with this shortcut, you'll find it can be a real time-saver - especially if you're click-happy when jumping between website tabs.

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