Business tech bargain: Logitech speaker dock


Date: 8 April 2013

Tech bargain: Logitech speakers{{}}If you want to keep your office nice and quiet, this might not be the business tech bargain of your dreams.

However, if you like to play a bit of music on a Friday afternoon or operate a stockroom, shop or other premises where background music is appreciated, this bargain Logitech rechargeable speaker dock for your iPhone / iPod might be just the ticket.

It's currently available from Amazon for just £47. 

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About this tech bargain

This Logitech Rechargeable Speaker S715i plays music from your iPhone or iPod, while simultaneously charging your device. You can also play music from other sources via the aux in port.

It comes complete with rechargeable batteries, which allow you to operate it when you're away from a mains power supply (although the volume does go louder when it's plugged in).

This tech bargain gets excellent reviews on Amazon and comes with a power adaptor, travel case and remote control. 

At £47, it's by far the lowest price we can see it available for (the next cheapest seems to be, at about £70). We wouldn't be surprised if it sells out quickly, so see full details and buy online now.

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