Fancy hanging out with Boris?


Date: 25 April 2013

Here's one for your diary. Late tomorrow afternoon, Boris Johnson will be holding his first Google Hangout, live from London tech event the InnoTech Summit.

According to an enthusiastic press release, BoJo will be exploiting the search giant's video chat platform to connect with US venture capitalists. He's aiming to promote the UK's growing digital economy and attract investment to London's technology hub, Tech City.

The Mayor of London is, apparently, the first high-ranking UK politician to hold a multi-party video chat in this way. On the international stage, it's fair to say Barack Obama got there first, holding a White House Hangout in February.

However, although the discussions might be interesting, it seems likely many will join the Hangout to see how Boris manages to juggle the twin challenges of handling technology and communicating with an international audience.

As this video shows, it didn't go so well last time he attempted to operate a complex piece of machinery:

If the thought of watching Boris hanging out doesn't horrify you too much, you can join the Hangout here from 5pm tomorrow. Let us know how it goes.

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