Business tech bargain: cheap network attached storage for backups


Date: 12 July 2013

Tech bargain: Seagate NAS{{}}A network attached storage (NAS) device is a fancy name for a hard drive you can plug directly into your business computer network.

Once it's connected up, everyone on your network can access and use it to store files and data. If your business doesn't have a network server on which to store shared files, NAS can be a good way to centralise data without having to spend a fortune.

Tradtionally, NAS devices have been pretty expensive. However, there's now a good choice at the budget end of the spectrum too, including this super-cheap option from long-time hard drive manufacturer Seagate.

An entry-level NAS

The Seagate 2TB central NAS is a basic NAS, offering 2 terabytes (TB) of data storage for an eminently-reasonable £113. That's enough space for thousands and thousands of documents, but you may require more storage if you hold lots of larger files.

Because this is a cheap NAS drive, it's not really designed to share data between more than a couple of people working on a network. It's unlikely to have the performance to serve files up quickly to several people at once.

However, cheap storage is always useful and so this NAS could be an ideal way to backup your key business data. Combine it with a cloud backup service (perhaps something like Mozy, Dropbox or Livedrive) and you'll have a straightforward backup system that should keep you safe in most scenarios.

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(If you haven't given serious thought to how you back up your data, please read our advice on how to back up your business.)

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