Friday tech tip: the easiest way to flick between Windows apps


Date: 23 August 2013

Alt-Tab to switch apps{{}}When you have several programs running on your computer at once, it can be hard work switching between them.

If there are lots of windows clogging up the screen, it often takes considerable effort with the mouse to rearrange them so your desired app is on top.

It's even more irritating if you're juggling pieces of software — like a web browser and Microsoft Word while you research a report — because you constantly have to use the mouse to switch between them.

For this Friday's tech tip, we reveal the easiest, quickest way to cycle through the different pieces of software running on your computer.

It's really simple: just hold down the ALT key, then tap the TAB key (shown in the photo).

In most versions of Windows, you'll see an overlay on the screen containing icons or images for all your open software. Keep tapping tab until the one you want is highlighted, then release the ALT key.

Your required program will pop to the front of your screen. It's as easy as that.

This tip also works on Macs. Just hit CMD + TAB instead.

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