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Date: 24 October 2013

Get an IT security healthcheck/green first aid kitWe cover IT security a lot on this blog, because it’s a really important subject and there’s a lot to say about it.

Unfortunately, that means it’s difficult to stay on top of current security threats, like knowing whether you should be more worried about hackers or viruses this week.

If you feel like you haven’t given any thought to data and IT security lately, we’ve found a security healthcheck tool that you might find useful.

Created by AVG, a company that makes security software, it asks you a number of questions before scoring your security overall and providing specific advice in each area.

It’s not a magic solution to keeping your data safe. IT security is different for every business, so you still need to learn more about the dangers you may face and speak to your IT supplier to make sure you’ve taken sufficient precautions.

However, this tool will get you thinking about the things that matter when it comes to IT security. And the advice at the end should give you some good starting points for improvements.

Just bear in mind that this advice is purely from a security perspective.

For instance, while the tool may advise you to upgrade to the latest version of Windows (and that might be the most secure option), there are other considerations too, like whether your existing software will keep working ok.

Try the AVG security tool >>

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