How the cloud changes your business IT


Date: 14 October 2013

The term cloud computing has been around for years now. The idea itself goes back even further.

However, there are still plenty of businesses that haven’t yet considered using cloud computing as part of their IT. There are plenty more that use the cloud without realising it, or that simply aren’t clear on the impact of the cloud.

(Confused about the cloud? Read our simple introduction to cloud computing.)

Here’s a quick five-point guide to the key ways cloud computing could change how your business operates its IT:

  • More manageable spending. Although it’s not always the case that the cloud saves you money, cloud computing does make your IT costs more predictable and manageable, because you pay by the month instead of having to make big one-off payments for hardware or software.
  • IT as a single entity. Cloud services blur the line between software and hardware, because often you’ll pay by the month to access a service (the ‘software’) running on a server owned by the cloud provider (the ‘hardware’).
  • New job descriptions. Cloud computing services often include maintenance and support, so the job roles of your IT staff can change dramatically. They need to understand the implications of the cloud and how to integrate new services with your current systems.
  • Mobile working as standard. Cloud services come all ready for remote working. Because they sit outside your business, accessing them is the same no matter whether you’re on your premises or not. The cloud can really simplify remote, mobile and flexible working.
  • Different security issues. Cloud providers usually have very high standards of security, because they’re specialists and their whole business depends on maintaining security. However, the cloud can change the security challenge your business faces.

If you’ve introduced cloud computing to your business, have you seen these changes? What would you say to other businesses considering a similar move?

Russell Scott is Managing Director of Sycura, a firm offering cloud computing solutions and IT support in the Hertfordshire area.

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