Are you about to buy a dumb domain?


Date: 2 June 2014

Are you about to buy a dumb domain?{{}}With thousands of new domain name extensions becoming available, choosing a domain for your business seems to have got both easier and more difficult.

On one hand, there’s more choice. You can avoid having to scrabble around for an available or .com domain by simply opting for one of the new extensions. Maybe you’d like or .music.

But on the flipside, nobody really knows which — if any — of these domain names are going to be successful or desirable.

For instance, will some domain extensions get targeted by spammers and scammers? If so, you probably won’t want to be associated with them.

In the past, we’ve been somewhat sceptical of these new domains. With so many to choose from, it seems inevitable some will sink without trace. Perhaps not .London (it made the front page of the Evening Standard, after all). But can you see .guru, .vip and .rehab all catching on?

Now there’s a website, Dumb Domains, designed to showcase some of the more unconventional domain options available.

It’ll show you one available domain at a time. But you won’t have to reload many times before you see a silly one.

For instance, although sounds pretty cool, we’re not so sold on or (Both are available for $28.99, if you fancy taking a punt.) 

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