How Wi-Fi can be a marketing tool


Date: 1 September 2014

Free Wi-Fi with coffeeThere’s a growing expectation among consumers that Wi-Fi should be available when they walk into a large retailer, shopping centre, hotel, café or other hospitality business.

So, if you feel obliged to provide free wireless internet access to your customers, how can you use it as a marketing and advertising tool?

Many business owners see Wi-Fi as an expense, without realising it’s an investment on which they can show a return.

Wi-Fi is a gateway to opportunities

Something as simple as a wireless network can help market your business in a number of ways:

  • Understand your customers. You can collect basic information about customers when they connect to your wireless network. Just ask them to answer a few questions to get online. For instance, request their name, age and contact information.
  • Show you’re ahead of the game. Offering services that are relatively new but growing in popularity — such as guest Wi-Fi — can set you apart from competitors. It’s particularly powerful if customers might not yet have come to expect free Wi-Fi from businesses like yours.
  • Reinforce your brand. You can buy wireless routers that allow you to show a welcome page when a user connects. Use this to remind customers of your products and offers — or maybe even promote exclusive deals for Wi-Fi users.

One other big benefit

Finally, don’t forget the biggest benefit of all. Free Wi-Fi is a powerful marketing tool in its own right.

Consumers love to browse the internet, check their emails, update their social networks and more — no matter whether they’re having lunch, staying in a hotel or doing the weekly shop.

A free Wi-Fi service works to market your business all by itself, encouraging more customers to come through your door.

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