The evolution of data storage


Date: 14 December 2015

The evolution of data storageEven just 15 years ago, many people could not have imagined that there would quickly come a time when we would be able to carry around libraries of images, songs, movies and TV box sets in our pockets.

Crude MP3 players at the turn of the century were capable of holding a handful of tracks within their bulky build - but the development of pocket-size hard drives and players has been swift and comprehensive.

Now, many of us take it for granted that we can carry all our important files and documents with us wherever we go - to the point where we're often guilty of never backing up these files.

Comprehensive data storage devices have become incredibly commonplace in our lives - with many people reluctant to leave their home without their mobile phone stuffed full of pictures, songs and movies.

And data storage tools are likely to only improve and develop in the future; soon enough we'll have access to a global archive of every piece of information and media right at our fingertips (we're close already).

But just how much can our everyday data storage devices hold? How much storage do you need if you want to carry every James Bond film with you at all times?

Our infographic explores how data storage has evolved over the years, from the early computer systems developed just after WWII to the almost limitless cloud storage facilities of today.


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