What is .NET?


Date: 11 December 2019

A confused girl wonders what the .NET framework is.

Whether you have already engaged the service of a leading .NET development company or would just like a bit more info, there's a lot of interesting stuff about .NET that isn't well known.

The .NET world is an exciting one and we decided to put together this guide to let you know more about it. If you like to know the ins and outs of what goes on behind the scenes, then read on...

What is .NET?

.NET, or dot net, is effectively a framework of programming guidelines which can be used in the development of a wide range of apps, including web, mobile and Windows-based apps. Several programming languages can be used with the .NET framework, including C#, C++, F# and VB.NET.

So what is ASP.NET?

Within the .NET framework there is a main tool used for building websites and web pages using CSS, HTML, server scripting and JavaScript; this is ASP.NET. Web applications written with ASP.NET can use any .NET language.

.NET is only for Windows and PC users; right?

Au contraire! Thanks to an ingenious set of tools known as .NET core, you can now create apps that will run on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. These tools consist of runtime, compiler components and libraries, which are also open-source.

Where and how does .NET fit into the open source world?

Several .NET components have been made available via open source licences, which means that developers can contribute to them.

An example of this was when Microsoft made Roslyn, the C# compiler, open-source under an Apache Licence. Roslyn's source code could be downloaded, and guidelines on how to contribute and participate were also made available.

What is Visual Studio, and what is its role in .NET?

Visual Studio is the hugely powerful IDE (Integrated Development Environment) where you write your .NET or C+ programmes. It's very popular thanks to its ability to support interface design, code editing, debugging, performance analysis and server management.

What also makes Visual Studio hugely attractive is the fact it can be downloaded for free, a very welcome bonus.

What is the role of C#?

C sharp, better known as C#, is a coding language used within the .NET framework. Unlike other languages, C# is object-orientated, which means that its productivity can increase during the development process.

There are many features of C# that make it a language of choice, including type safety, simple type declaration, trash collection, scalability and versioning support. All of these features, and the many others it possesses, make for easier and faster developing solutions.

Is the .NET library very big?

In a word: yes. A .NET library consists of pre-written code/s to support data structures, both simple and complex. This essentially gives you access to the work of hundreds, if not thousands, of developers, and save time and money by adding this pre-existing code into your programmes.

You will even find specific .NET libraries for database access and encryption.

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