The immense capabilities of modern print tech


Date: 29 January 2020

An entrepreneur examines a printout from a digital printer in the workplace.

If you talk to any designer of a certain age about print, the word ‘lithographic’ will soon roll excitedly from their tongue. At one time, there was simply no comparison between traditional, ‘litho’ print quality and the digitally-printed alternative.

However, technology continued to evolve, and designers, advertisers and other creatives, albeit grudgingly, began to agree that digital print could compete with their beloved litho. Then, digital marketing happened - and, suddenly, both forms of print technology had an unstoppable new challenger at the door.

So, once again, printing tech has been forced to rise to the challenge... and it certainly seems up to it...

Easy integration with existing tech

If you’ve ever owned a home printer, you’ve no doubt stared into the void as it blinks back at you, otherwise unflinching, after you’ve just requested the same print job for the umpteenth time.

However, when stepping up from the home to the workplace, such bewildering errors are removed from the equation. Many professional printers are now designed to integrate just as smoothly with your desktops and mobile devices as any other high-spec piece of tech in the studio.

Smart analytics under the hood

Lithographic print runs have always relied on careful measurement of inks, but one of the biggest bugbears of many more modern printers was their unreliability in telling you when the ink was due to run out.

However, the most high-spec print devices, such as the range of excellent products from Duplo International, now feature real-time volume checks. This way, even when printing large numbers of complex booklets, you won’t get stuck when just halfway through a document.

Cyber-secure printing technology

Like any other device that’s linked up to the internet, a printer can become a target for hackers. Furthermore, while a print marketing campaign might not seem like the sort of information someone’s likely to steal, the personal data of those who use the printer certainly is.

However, with enhanced security features and encryption software, there’s no need to worry about staff data or client information being compromised via this backdoor into your business when a smart printer is on the premises.

Cloud-based capabilities

With the advent of unified communications, more and more businesses are turning to completely integrated communications software as staff work from practically anywhere they desire in the world.

Modern printers haven’t taken long to ensure they aren’t left behind with this steadily advancing technology - and can now be accessed remotely, and seamlessly integrated with cloud storage and an abundance of cloud-based communications platforms.

Print driving digital?

Finally, while you may not agree with this point, there is a consistent body of research out there to suggest print still does, and always will, stump digital for advertising effectiveness. In fact, when the two are combined, there is even evidence to suggest that quality print marketing and advertising can be the driving force behind stimulating digital purchases.

The simple process of placing something tangible in front of someone, or putting it in their hands, will always have a bigger psychological impact than even the most precisely-targeted digital advertisement. So, don’t lose sight of print in your own promotional efforts any time soon.

Copyright 2020. Featured post made possible by Edwin Owusu-Peprah of Duplo International.

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