Eight signs your IT strategy is ruining your business


Date: 26 May 2020

An IT worker attempts to patch out of date software

If there is one thing that all business leaders understand, it's that progress comes at a price. When it comes to your specific business, you'll find that that that price includes your IT strategy. Add to that the cost of replacing and upgrading those systems, and costs can escalate if you're not on top of it. You need to look at your IT systems for glitches and problems just as much as any other area of your business. Why?

To put it bluntly, your IT strategy could be killing your business, and if you're not careful, you might not even notice it's happening. Right now, the world is undergoing a digital transformation. The healthcare digital transformation has been huge and has made the healthcare industry far more efficient than it has ever been. The same can be said for other industries, too.

If your current IT resources are not doing you any favours, you need to consider embracing new technologies and practices. Before you do any of that, though, you need to know what the signs are that your IT strategy is going off the boil. We've got eight tell-tale signs that your current business is being ruined because of your IT.

  1. Siloed systems

There have been huge shifts in technology over the past ten years. The efforts that began with the humble desktop computer have evolved to into AI technology and more. Openness and integration are encouraged and leaving teams to work in isolation is outdated approached. Integrated systems are the future. While modernising your IT strategy is a must, you should avoid upgrading too many things at once. Take your time and assess which systems are struggling, and make changes one by one.

  1. Glitchy applications

It's easy to work with key legacy software so they are often overlooked. ERP and CRM products are left untouched for years. It's not because companies are afraid to, but because those replacements can take time when you are trying to build things up. The last thing that your business needs is a time out, and that's what you get when you have creaky applications that require an upgrade. Be flexible with the necessary changes and make them work with your business, not against it.

  1. Relying on old systems

Your business needs to get up to date with the latest systems. Old applications take time to patch as often they're no longer supported by the developers. Markets change rapidly. You need to be able to rely on newer, faster and upgraded systems to be successful in business. You want to be on point with your business, and that means modernizing in the right way.

  1. Poor workplace processes

It's a sure sign that your IT strategy is killing your business when your workflow and processes are no longer meeting your business needs. Technology should speed you up but your processes are slowing you down. So, whether you need to reboot your IT team or you need to upgrade your current outdated technology, you need to do what's best for your business.

  1. You're not taking advantage of new developments

If you are currently looking at new opportunities and choosing not to go with them, you're in trouble. There are many ways you can cut business costs, but IT should not be one of them. Especially when upgrades are often cheaper and more efficient. Sure, IT developments can upset your existing IT operations, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't invest in them. You can use your current resources to leverage new ones. Think about your outdated technology and how you can bring it into the present. The best technological advances will help you to keep your customers happy while you deliver the service they expect.

  1. Your growth is slowing down

You were on a steady road to success, and suddenly you're not growing as expected. Your growth projection should indicate your readiness for technology. If your business costs are growing, it's usually because of a shortfall in your IT. If you want your growth to continue upwardly, you will need to think about closing that gap in technology.

  1. Poor sales

Poor sales can tell you a lot about your IT strategy. You can lose a lot of business thanks to slow, lagging websites and the wrong technology in your day to day offerings. If you integrate the right technology, you can make life easier for your clients. Driving the customer experience is a must - or your business dies.

  1. Low productivity

Lastly, the most subtle sign that technology is killing your business is the low productivity of your website and staff. Failing to keep an eye on your website is a quick way to flunk your business. And if your technology is failing, your productivity will be too. Failing to meet business deadlines is always a big productivity problem. But if your team is constantly trying to get your software working or using supplemental software, you know your IT is losing its edge.

So, now you know how your IT could be ruining your business, you can start working on upgrading your technology and making the right improvements. Don't let your IT ruin your business, not when there are plenty of chances to fix it!

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