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Date: 23 September 2021

Data cables carrying secure data

Technology has advanced so far in the last couple of decades, it has allowed for advancements in businesses that were once unthinkable. Suddenly there are all these perks to payment, security, and data storage. It would be silly to ignore them as a business. Read on to find out more about tech you should adopt in your business.


Where were we before contactless payment? We fumbled around for the exact change, or made frequent trips to the cashpoint each week. We handled notes that had been passed from one dirty hand to the next. Now? Transactions are quick and stress free. And it has revolutionised spending abroad, with the need to convert currency eliminated. We can even pay for things using our phone if we so choose.

Businesses without a contactless payment system in place are falling behind. Half of customers prefer using contactless payment methods. So, if you don't have a system in place, you better hope your product is appealing enough to a customer that they are willing to come back after stopping at the bank.

Access security

In a move that should be credited to the hotel industry, keyless access is now the norm for any business room or building.

Traditional access systems allow more room for human error. A keyless security system is designed to avoid this problem. With a smart card and a reader, areas are kept secure by limiting access to who you are rather than who has the key, password, or the door code.

Keyless entry systems give every user a unique credential that gives access to the building, bypassing the possibility of keys being copied or locks being picked. Staff members' information is stored on the card and backed up to the cloud. Information on whether they have permission to access specific buildings or areas can all be controlled in real time.

You can also keep an eye on your employees' comings and goings that way. The card will record when a staff member enters an area and how long for, should you need to know who was in there last.

The tech world is constantly evolving, with investors like Tej Kohli, Anthony Rose and Martha Lane Fox, bringing tech like keyless entry systems to businesses all over the country.

Data security

Many businesses and organisations, including schools, colleges and universities, are rolling both access and data security into the one smart card. In addition to granting physical access, smart cards can allow access to data.

Passwords can be forgotten, shared or scribbled in a notebook for someone to stumble upon, but a password badge, grants access to the person rather than the password with the data stored in it. You can limit what data a person has access to and track what's being looked at. For example, a doctor accessing patient files can only access patients they are permitted to see, rather than open access to any file.

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